A trip to Energylandia?

Only with Holiday Park Zator

Dear Director,

We would like to present you with a suggestion of a school trip to one of the largest amusement parks in Europe – Energylandia in Zator

As a holiday resort located 100 meters from the amusement park, we have served over 25,000 satisfied customers, which is why we are sure that we will meet your expectations and the trip will be unforgettable.

Holiday Park Zator is a series of twenty fully adapted houses ready to receive 120 guests a day. The facility is completely safe for minors, monitored and closed to reserved groups.

Below we present the cost of the trip for one person. The proposal does not include the cost of transport which will remain the only one in your organization


  • classes from 1-6 – 59 PLN
  • classes from 7-8 – 69 PLN
  • high school students – 99 PLN


  • 1 x day – 60 PLN


  • 1 x person = 18 PLN

The total cost of a two-day stay for one student (grades 1-6) along with a full-day admission ticket to the amusement park and breakfast is:

  • PLN 137

For more information, please call at 533 343 171

Company party? Employee integration?
Only one step separates you from an unforgettable adventure … actually a phone call or contact form :)

Ready for an unprecedented dose of experience? Let’s go!

We present an exemplary trip plan:

Arrival of the bus or car fleet in the morning. Holiday Park Zator has a large car park for at least 50 vehicles and the entrance gate to Energylandia is 200 meters from us.

We leave our things … and there we go! On foot is best :)


Energylandia is one of the largest theme parks in Europe. It has a total of 150 attractions on an area of ​​30 hectares. Everyone will find something for himself! For both – those who want to experience loads of 3G and the sunbathers (the water area is a countless number of sunbeds, an artificial beach, slides, pools and mini bars). For those who are completely resistant, we offer stunt and car shows, as well as countless dining options.


Holiday Park Zator is a chain of 17 houses in the Dutch style and 6 spherical houses of the GeoDome type – NEW in 2019! We can serve 160 guests in fully comfortable conditions.

What’s in the houses? Each house is a separate, fully sufficient accommodation, the size of which is adapted to the needs and number of Guests. We have houses for 3 as well as for 14 people. Bedrooms, living room with TV and unlimited WiFi, fully equipped kitchenette, bathroom and terrace with a separate grill, table and chairs are something that awaits you when you return.

Let’s take a moment to rest … so much ahead of us :)

9.00 pm: Meeting under the gazebo. Company grill.

A gazebo with a hearth prepared for you is the perfect place for a barbecue! If the need arises, we will prepare everything for you upon request. We also offer a bartender service which will diversify and solve some communication barriers.

In the meantime, there is a football pitch, swimming pool and 40 bicycles available to all guests at the Holiday Park! We are located less than 500 meters from the picturesque Natura 2000 area. This is also a must see.

Time: morning

We have already taken care of your breakfast. It is delicious and tailored to specific tastes. We are already discussing this matter at the booking stage.

Time for morning coffee. Breakfast and coffee are recommended on the terrace with a view of the largest wooden rollercoaster in the world – then it tastes best :)

For more information, please call at: 533 343 171