I. General provisions

  1. Staying at Holiday Park Zator means knowing and accepting the following Regulations.
  2. Children and young people under the age of 18 can stay in Holiday Park Zator only under the supervision of adults.
  3. Persons not accommodated and staying there after 10.00 pm are obliged to leave immediately.
  4. It is prohibited to conduct any trade, gambling, promotional and advertising activities in the resort without the consent of the Resort Manager.
  5. The Resort PERMITS the organization of stag and hen parties only with the consent of the owner of the building and an additional deposit to secure property.
  6. The area of ​​Holiday Park Zator is monitored. The Data Controller of the registered data and responsible for their storage is the owner of the resort. Access to third party data is only possible at the request of administrative bodies for evidentiary purposes.

II. Accommodation rules

  1. Guests can use the accommodation at the Resort: in the houses, at the camping site and campsite, in accordance with the price list and booking conditions.
  2. The hotel day starts at 4.00 pm and ends at 10.00 am the next day.
  3. All persons entering the Resort, in order to use the accommodation are obliged to:
    – make a report based on a valid identity document
    – make a payment for the stay in the Resort according to the Price List,
  1. The reception of the resort is closed from 10.00 pm to 8.00 am. Arrivals / departures during these hours should be agreed individually with the reception at the phone number: 533343171
  2. We reserve the right to refuse accommodation to persons:
    – under the influence of alcohol or drugs,
    – who behave aggressively, in a manner commonly considered as vulgar,
    – who did not inform management about the organization of organized events (stag nights, hen parties)
  1. The house or camping site is handed over and returned in the presence of the Holiday Park Zator staff.
  2. Upon taking over the keys to the house, the registered guest becomes the person who is financially responsible for the objects handed to use. Immediately upon entering, please check the actual condition of the equipment according to the Inventory Card. In case of discrepancies, this fact should be reported to the staff of the Resort within the first hour of stay. The current tenant of the house is responsible for all noticed and not reported deficiencies and defects in the equipment.
  3. Losing the key by the Guest results in obtaining it at his own expense or paying a fee of PLN 100 by the Guest.
  4. Please take special care when closing windows and doors when leaving the house.
  5. In houses, it is prohibited in particular to:
    – smoke,
    – walk in high heels,
    – take items from the house that are its equipment (e.g. furniture, blankets),
    – leave live wires and electrical devices unattended.

III. Order regulations

  1. Staying at the Resort obliges to behave in a way that does not endanger the safety of: your own, other Guests, and the property of the Resort.
  2. Please keep quiet from 10.00 pm to 6.00 am.
  3. Persons disturbing peace and order in the Resort may be removed without the right to any compensation.
  4. We light the fire only in the designated places. Waste left after grilling should be poured with water and placed in a place indicated by the employees of the Resort.
  5. A first-aid kit is located in each house near a fire extinguisher
  6. Damages caused due to the Guests’ fault shall be settled on the spot. If it is not possible to determine the cost of repair at the time the damage occurs, it is allowed to make a valuation of the damage within 7 days. In this case, a damage report should be made.
  7. We kindly ask you to take care of cleanliness and order in the Resort. Cleaning products are available upon request. Please report any permanent dirt or defects to the Centre’s staff on a regular basis.
  8. Before leaving the Resort, clean up the space you have occupied, and take out the rubbish and put it in the provided waste containers.
  9. The Resort is not responsible for items left or lost by Guests in the Resort.

IV. Parking rules

  1. Persons entering the Resort with a motor vehicle (applies to cars and motorbikes) are entitled to free parking for the duration of their stay. The car park is located in the lower and upper parts of the Holiday Park Zator.
  2. Parking is only permitted in the parking spots designated for this purpose. It is forbidden to enter the green areas of the Resort.
  3. The car park at the Resort is a monitored unguarded car park.
  4. The Resort is not responsible for the vehicles left behind or property left therein.

V. Rules for the stay of animals

  1. We allow pets to stay in our Resort except for aggressive, sick and venomous animals.
  2. Animal owners are obliged to:
    – have a current animal vaccination record book,
    – provide their pet with the necessary materials for the lair,
    – clean up waste after him,
    – walk the pet in a muzzle and on a leash.

VI. Final Provisions

  1. Guests using the services of the Resort undertake not only to comply with the provisions of these Regulations, but also with the health and safety and fire regulations, as well as the instructions of the management and operation of the Resort.
  2. Any eventual complaints regarding improperly provided services should be reported directly to the Resort Manager. Complaints submitted after the end of the service may not be considered.
  3. The Regulations shall enter into force upon its acceptance.